Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Wish List #2 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

So close! If there was ever a girl next door that had that librarian look, it'd be Lisa Loeb. Her smile can light up a concert hall. I was lucky enough to see her once during the VH1 Fairway To Heaven golf tournament several years ago. That's when I also first saw Dweezil Zappa hanging around her as if she was the sun and he was the only plant lucky enough to get photosynthesis. I do agree that she is sunny, irrepressible and that those glasses just do something. I've heard it called a Loeb fetish by some people. But she has never pretended to be anything but who she is. She is a terrific musician and an absolute beauty (ok, the Hello Kitty thing is a little obsessive but we all have our quirks.) Who knows, one day I might actually go see her perform. Anything can happen.Posted by Hello

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