Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post-Christmas Post

Had a great Christmas day. Started with wrapping the last of the gifts that I was too tired to wrap the day before. Then headed to breakfast and gift opening with my family at my mother's condo. My niece and nephew were absolutely bushed when they got there but you could tell that they weren't used to being awake all day by the time they left. I'm just so thankful for having the family that I do and that there is an unusual bond between us whenever we are in the same room. I dropped off my grandmother and a few gifts at my aunt Shawna's house after dinner (pork chops in mushroom gravy, ham, rice, scalloped potatoes, rolls and candied yams) and got to see a very tired cousin Sydney as she opened up the last of her gifts. I then went to my friends Tracy and Jason's to drop off something for their daughter Sonja. She's pretty amazing and reacts well when playing around and with other people. She's definitely a light in their lives and you can see it in both their faces. I headed home to unload the car (it was a pretty immense haul) and after putting most of the stuff away passed out for the night.

I didn't get to post yesterday (as you can see it was a bit busy) but I would like to make sure you all know that I was wishing you the best and that you hopefully didn't suffer any eggnog hangovers. (Never tried it spiked but did find out that I'm one of the very few in my family that will drink the stuff.) Hope all your post-holiday shopping proves fruitful and take care!

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