Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Wish List #1 - The 10 Days Of Christmas things were looking, if I waited until tomorrow to post this, Santa wouldn't know who #1 on the list was and I would have posted it late. If I am so lucky, I will find Thora Birch under my little Christmas tree hopefully wearing very little but then again it is cold out and wouldn't want her getting sick. Several years ago I saw this movie called American Beauty at a pawn shop and heard a lot of good things about it. Months later a sharp-minded very good friend of mine asked me if I ever saw the movie. I told him it was gathering dust on my shelf and I think I saw him pull back his arm readying to slap sense into me. Granted, everything I heard about the movie boasted about Mena Suvari who does little to nothing for me (would I kick her out of bed?...depends on what's under the tree tomorrow morning.) My friend made me aware that Miss Birch is "Party material" which is the shortest way to say that she is my physically ideal female. After finally seeing the movie, then watching some of her other films and even watching her appearing on talk shows... I agreed. The eyes are searching, the mouth pouts and somewhere in there is brooding alure that can only be compared to the previously mentioned Christina Ricci. I'm not even mentioning her outstanding physical stature.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my 10 Days Of Christmas and are right now thinking (this guy is obsessed...err... I mean) what beautiful wonders there are in this small little world of ours and (gotta rent American Beauty... err...) how incredibly different one person's tastes can be. By no means was this list meant to degrade women, push religion (yes, I said "oh, God!" a few times there myself) nor increase sales of a particular movie. It was purely for entertainment and I wish all of you enjoyment during your yuletide celebrations. Back to less meaningful banter shortly...Posted by Hello

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