Saturday, March 26, 2005

Toad The Wet Sprocket - 5 Live

I've never been a big live album person. I remember hearing a lot about Toad The Wet Sprocket when I was listening to KUNV's Rock Avenue and even caught the video for "Is It For Me" on Night Tracks. But it would be their follow-up single, "All I Want," that would propel the group to stardom. 5 Live was a 5-track EP that was used to promote their most successful album Fear. The EP contains some of their early singles as well as a few album tracks from Fear recorded live in 1991 the old Anaconda Theatre in Isla Vista, California and the Wiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood. The precision guitarwork on "One Little Girl" alone made this collection my favorite live recording and the other tracks are great. This is a must have.
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Teri said...

I am not a big live album fan either, I do not think I have ever bought a live album before.

Unknown said...

Whoa. I feel like I stepped over into the 80snut website.

Martin said...

I don't review live albums over there so it works out pretty well mentioning it here. Needed a pace change.