Thursday, July 14, 2005

Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes

I'm not the most prompt person in the world. Sure, I get to places on time and a lot of the time way ahead of schedule. My bedside alarm clock is actually set 25 minutes forward. That itself really messes with my idea of time because it is the one clock I look for most often. My other bedside clock is 15 minutes fast but I don't see that as often. I also carry a pager on me that is 5 minutes fast. (I have this thing about jewelry that I'll explain someday but this is my watch.) I then throw another wrench in my observance of time - my alarm goes off really early. This likely ticks off a few people when they are over but to be at work at 6:55 (we have to be there 5 minutes early,) the alarm goes off at 4:30 am. (Ok, 4:05 if we make the right adjustment but we won't right now.) I then hit my snooze about 2 to 3 times getting close to 5 am. I then head to the shower. I will then either head to the computer (to check news or email) or I'll go back to lie down in bed and hit snooze a few more times. Sometime after 5, I'll turn on the news so I can find out how bad traffic will be (paranoia of living further from work than I used to.) I will slowly start getting ready at about 6 am and leave the house before 6:30 am. This usually gets me there early enough to grab a glass of skim milk, oatmeal and yogurt before I start my day.

So, yes, I put a lot into fooling myself. How many clocks do you have set ahead and how do you try to fool yourself?


Unknown said...

Haha, too cute. Now I can picture you getting ready in the morning. Only you're faceless, damnit.

I use my cell phone for everything. I have about 6 watches, but they are strictly to accessorize. (It's the girl in me.) I just recently bought a James Dean watch that has big bold leather straps and I haven't even set it. I wear it too. Hahah. Don't tell anyone.

But yeah, just my cell. I used to have it 5 minutes fast, which I usually do, but not anymore. I'll get to work when I get here. Which is usually something like five minutes late.

Hey, It's rare that I'm time. I try, but I just can't do it. It's like a force field holding me back. I am thee procrastination queen. It's actually not a good thing. Boo. Help me?

RT said...

LOL, my alarm clock is set 23 minutes early because I like that element of surprize in the morning. I tried the 15 and the 25, but they were too easy to calculate, even in my sleep hazy head.

Other than that, all my clocks are set at the right time.

You're morning sounds a lot like mine, Martin. Except, I use my shower time to think about what I'm going to say and afterwards, I have a cup of java (or ten) and come say it. Har Har Har! How's that for time management?

Fred said...

I don't fool myself with the clocks, but I am obsessive about being early, especially to an airport. I'm usually there at least two hours prior to departure.

My sister had a habit of fooling around with clocks, setting them ahead. That way, the kids went to bed earlier than they should have. Clever trick, I always thought.

Anonymous said...

I've had to mess with my clocks, but not really bec of me. My boys try to squeeze video games, legos, and breakfast (in that all before goin to school. If I don't get them up early they are really grumpy. "Mom, I need my legos in the morning!"

I don't wear a watch. I'm almost anti-jewelry. My bedside clock is 45 mins fast, the one in the bathroom is accurate, and the one downstairs is 30 mins fast.

I can't say it's all for my boys. My mom used to tell me (and still does on ocassion) that family functions started 30 mins earlier than they really did so I would be there on

Now for my clock question - does anyone understand why "snooze" time is only 9 mins??? lol

LoraLoo said...

I don't trick myself with clocks anymore...I used to do that when I lived alone, but it never worked because I knew it. I'd know I'd have extra time, and then I'd loaf. Now I get up right when the alarm goes of, and I'm rarely ever late (minus bad traffic days).

Teri said...

Al the clocks in the house except the bedroom are set for the right time. I have my own alarm clock that is set about 8 minutes fast and Lloyd has his that is set about 15 minutes fast. I hate being late, I would rather arrive 2 hours early than feel rushed and stressed to get to work with traffic. Now that I am teaching I get to work about 7am and I technically do not have to be there until 8:20, but I usually have so much to do in the morning it is no big deal.

Unknown said...

I am always early, never late. I do NOT have any clocks set to imaginary time..i think its ridiculous to do sista does it and it drives me nuts when i go to her house for a week every month..i have to stop and figure out what the REAL time is when i look at one of her clocks.sorry but i do not understand the rationale of setting clocks ahead.