Friday, July 15, 2005

Sticky Situations

When was the last time you stepped in some gum? Thankfully, I can't remember too well unless it was on a vacation somewhere. Do you know where you will never step in gum? Disneyland. Several decades ago, a rule was put in place in the Disney properties to not sell gum in their stores or vending machines and to also place signs here and there. Sure that keeps people from replenishing their supplies but what about the people that actually bring gum with them? You can't ask someone to empty their pockets and purse before they get into the Magical Kingdom. But, reports of less problems removing gum from Disney hotel carpet floors, under restaurant tables and sidewalks have shown a major decrease and word is that it may be catching on in the hotel industry. Are you a gum-chewer?


LoraLoo said...

You're going to be the king of all trivia, pretty soon. :) Hey, do you still play that trivia game...the one they had at PTs?

I used to be a serious gum chewer. Loved the stuff. Until I got my first crown. The temporary fell of while eating a soft taco, and that was more pain than birthing a child, I swear it! My fear of losing a crown and the pain that may ensue has forever cured my gum-chewing habit.

Jenn Doll said...

As irony would have it, I am not a gum chewer. As a matter of fact, I don't like to chew gum. BUT, I so happen to be chewing gum right this very second. Stalker!

Fred said...

I'm not a gum chewer; but I notice many younger people are nowadays.

Many of my students like to pop their gum in class. It drives me nuts! If they do, they lose their privilege for a week.

Lily said...

I do not chew gum, however when I was a kid I did a lot of gum chewing. My 12 yr old is a big gum chewer.
I would guess it's really more a kid thing.

Teri said...

Yes I am..

RT said...

Nope, not a gum chewer here. I wore braces during my formative years.

Fred said...

P.S. Since I'm reading your blog daily, I linked to you.

Martin said...

Moose - There was a magazine at work that I read that dealt with the hotel industry and had an interview with someone from the Disney properties. I somehow remembered the article recently and found some other stuff about it while searching. B)

Lora - No king. I'm more a slave to trivia knowledge. B) Still go out to play trivia here and there. They are pulling it out of a place I go called King Tut's but I have only gone to play here and there recently. Sorry to hear about the crown.

Jenn - Yes, I'm peeping. You need a new bra.

Fred - Damn, they were a lot more strict about gum chewing at Bonanza High School. Kinda funny because for the longest time they were strict about it at our work also but have let up after 11 1/2 years. I need to add a few new links on here including yours. Thank you for coming by, you are always welcome here.

Teri - You say that as if you are holding your hand back from whapping me. How lenient are you with your kids in class chewing gum?

Teri said...

Are you afraid of me? I really don't hit that hard :) No I just didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to bring Freud up and talk about oral fixations.

I am pretty lenient, as long as they don't immitate cows or anything. You have to pick your battles and I think getting students to not flip me off is more important than chewing gum.