Thursday, August 11, 2005


I have a post in my head that is on the eerie side so I want to take another day to formulate it so instead some quick updates:

The new front door has been installed. It needs a little touch-up work, a fresh coat of paint and all will be kosher. Has a nice new peep-hole and knocker (because I like knockers.) Both neighbors that matter (there's the weird one... that reminds me that I need to take a photo of their house for you people) now want new doors.

Talked to Mom and she sounds like a totally different person. Not only are her neck pains lessened but she's cut back on the Prozac. I'm cautious about messing with medication but she sounds so much more in charge of herself, beams positive energy and has goals.

Today we added a new member to the family. My aunt Shawna gave birth to a little girl named Katelynn Rene Reed. I'm going to swing by and see her tomorrow at the hospital as it just so happens to be within a mile of my house.

Went shopping today and became a grocery packrat. Food 4 Less had a sale on Lean Pockets (2 for $3 when the cheapest I normally find is at Walmart for $1.97 each) so I bought 6. They also had Tina's burritos on sale (5 for $1 which is 5 cents each lower than when I usually find them on sale) and bought 15 (in two trips as I kept going back wondering if I was buying too many.) Anyhow, I now know why my parents would look at those weekly ads.


LoraLoo said...

Wow maybe I should bother reading those grocery ads. They end up in my trash before they even hit a table.

Congrats on the new door! I'm glad your Mom is feeling so much better. It's funny how when we grow up the tables turn a little, and we start worrying more about them.

Fred said...

Always good news to hear about a parent doing better in the health department. I hope it's a long-term trend.

Unknown said...

grocery ads are important to my spouse..he's nuts for them..but they do save money i guess..i just dont have the patience..thank god someone does

Teri said...

I am glad mom is doing well... Can't wait to see the new door. You need to post a picture until I can get over there to see it in person. It is funny how one small change to your house can make all the difference in the world.

New White Keds said...

I missed it. What is your Mom on or changing? Can she share her secrets with my Mom???