Sunday, August 07, 2005

Coq Block

I'd seen and heard some talk about the upcoming Burger King commercials. Yesterday, during Spike TV's airing of the UFC, I saw one. And then another. Another, another... in fact, every commercial break had a 2 minute commercial about the new "chicken fries."

Sure, I was curious about the product before seeing the ad but they really did show some desperation with that many airings. The commercials centered on the new 'metal' band Coq Roq (ok, they are a ficticious band made to promote BK's products or then again... maybe they might release an album and go on tour.) They showed videos for their songs "Bob Your Head" and "Cross The Road" also playing their other songs "Nice Box" and "One Arm Bandit" in the background. Each of the songs are available for download as ringtones and videos can be seen in their music link.

Here's the scary thing: I liked the songs. Sure, they all wore chicken-ish masks (I couldn't help but think of GWAR more than Slipknot) and had names like Fowl Mouth, Free Range, Talisman, Firebird, Sub-sonic and Kabuki but this was a well thought-out plan which could be used to promote other products. The names of the band members alone give me the idea that they will revamp their chicken sandwiches (Firebird = spicy, Free Range = grilled, Kabuki = teriyaki... etc.) Should be interesting to see what comes next as long as they air their commercials sparingly.


Unknown said...

That chicken nugget or whatever it is is sccaring me. I could NOT eat that.

Coq Roq? That scares me too.

I think I shant eat chicken any longer. Their commercial has hurt them rather than helped them.

Martin, just don't do it! You can't like Coq Roq. You just can't! Not unless you take a picture of you in a chicken hat for me! =D

LoraLoo said...

That picture is pretty gross. The ad campaign isn't making me hungry, either. Then again, I haven't liked Burger King for a long time. Coq Roq. Whatever!

Fred said...

That's a pretty gross picture. Looks like a few marketing whiz kids will be out of a job after this one crashes.

Lily said...

This ad campaign with the guy-in-chicken-suit is really starting to freak me out. I thought it was cute in the beginning with the funny website where you make the chicken do things like jumping jacks and the macarena, but it’s getting to be like a bad recurring acid trip.

Unknown said...

I saw one of those commercials today and thought of you. Just FYI.

Martin said...

I actually only put the photo of the deformed chicken nugget (that probably sold on eBay for several thousand dollars) up there because I couldn't find a photo of the band. Yeah, it's pretty freaky. The actual product looks more like french fries.

No chicken hat for me... well then again there is always Halloween coming up. I could see myself doing that.

I actually tried the chicken fries today. Not too bad. But... $1.70 or so for a couple sticks of battered & fried chicken. I don't see it being something I want to make a habit. Heck, I keep thinking that I probably took in enough fat from those to make a stick of butter.

Judith said...

I am not alone, I actually kind of dig Coq Roq, too...I was actually worried there for a minute. Well, hope someone can retire to the Carribean with that ad campaign.