Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life Update - 092706

Things have gotten rather busy around here. I have to put a lot of the responsibility for this burst of production on the class that I've been taking. I did think that ALS 101 was going to be about learning how to handle taking notes, how to study effectively and how to take a tests. Now, I'm not so sure. The most important thing that I've started doing is writing down everything that I want to get done each day on an index card. This allows me to keep in mind my goals for the day, add to my goals and mark off any progress that I've made. I'm getting quite a bit more done now. I figure the pack of 500 index cards might help me get through the year.

After 3 years, I've finally joined the text messaging generation. Do I plan to do much of it, not really. I gave up my cheapie little Samsung for this Sanyo Katana (pictured here.) Why would I do that? Being able to see who is calling, the ability to check NFL scores and hear clearer are big reasons. The Bluetooth earphone is nice but taking some time to adjust to. Looks slightly cooler too.

After that Tivo vs. DirecTV post, I took some time to think about things and yesterday ordered DirecTV's HD DVR Plus. I think it's because of Bones, Lost, Jericho and the Biggest Loser airing at the same freaking time. Jericho may bite the dust but I will have to watch the first episode that I recorded already prior to make a decision. What this will allow me to do is: not miss a UFC fight, not have to choose between most shows (bedroom Tivo catches one while living room DVR catches 2 more) and lets me hold onto HD shows to watch at a later date. They'll be showing up on Friday morning to set things up... meaning that I'll miss the second episode of Jericho in the meantime.

Forced myself to sleep early last night and if I can keep this going, I'll be very very happy. I do accept that I'm an information junkie. I check the same Web sites 3 to 4 times a day to make sure that I know 'right now' everything that's available to be known. I shouldn't do this before I sleep. Clearing off the Tivo, sure. But, it takes longer to wind your brain down after you stimulate it with information. Hoping to create an habitual 2am bedtime.

On Saturday, I went to the Mike Agassi 'No Quit' National Junior Tennis Tournament. I figured that I need to start appearing at these events and saw some amazing players (this little 9 year-old girl just floored me with how well she hit her 2-handed forehand and 2-handed backhand.) It did remind me of playing these events when I was younger and what reminded me more was having my brother Matt there with me. He brought Mia out and I held her for awhile to give him a breather. I need more mornings like that.


Lucy Stern said...

Wow, you've turned into a really busy guy Martin. I use the cards too so that I don't forget things I need to do.

Good luck with all your recordings.

Ken said...

Spending time with your brother and niece is very precious. If anything, I've learned that time with family is important.

Let me know about the HD DVR. I really want to talk to Amy about this to see if it is possible going forward.

Fred said...

I never thought I'd have much use for a DVR. Well, not only are the kids addicted to it, but I'm now starting to watch more TV becasue the darned thing can find the programs for me. Plus, I can download something directly onto my laptop if I want. What a great toy!

LoraLoo said...

I don't know what I ever did without the DVR. Oh, that's right, I watched less TV! lol

Sounds like you had a great time with your brother and niece! The weather has been so perfect for the outdoors.