Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not My Rock Star

Been very busy but just wanted to get something up here. Please, please... Supernova please do not pick Lukas as your singer tonight. I have it in my mind that I will not buy anything from the band if this is going to be their lead singer. My main reason: I can't understand a word out of his mouth during specific vocal styles. His singing with the band was the best example of this. I know some people that don't want him to win because they don't like how he looks. Why am I so worried? Several weeks back, a report surfaced that the band had pre-chose Lukas Rossi to be their singer in... the same way that J.D. Fortune was chosen. Essentially, they also said that they were cookie-cutter images created to get fan response. I dismissed this entirely until a last week when a separate source claimed something similar (without smearing J.D.) If proven right, I know how disgusted I'll feel about it but I would watch another series. I just won't be buying an album.


LoraLoo said...

I was surprised, seriously surprised. ANY of the other top 4 would have been a better choice. I won't be buying an album, either - and I'm damn glad I didn't try to get tickets to the New Year's Eve show.

I'll definitely buy an album from Magni or Dilana, and I hope Toby gets a record deal too - they are all true talents.

I hope these reports you're hearing aren't true - that INXS and Supernova had already made their choices early in the show. I'll have to stop watching.

I also wonder how this name lawsuit turns out. I saw the judge ruled they can't use Supernova.

Martin said...

You also noticed that they didn't say the name Supernova when introducing the band playing during the finale, when the band welcomed Lucas in or when the decision was made. I'm sure that we'll hear about another name for the group in the next few weeks.

Fred said...

I suppose I'll have to watch the show. Believe it or not, we just got a DVR, so I'm learning I can actually watch TV on my schedule. I'm not the earliest adapter of technology, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised Lukas won, but I really shouldn't be. I liked Lukas' stage presence and he has a great look but his singing is seriously lacking. I want to understand what the lead singer is saying dang it! Is that really too much to ask for?

I thought Toby was the better choice, but the bottom three were all good.

One thing that bothered me with Rockstar Season 2 was how utterly tackless they are when eliminating contestants.

David Amulet said...

Is it any surprise that some of the reality shows are ... gasp ... staged! It's the entertianment industry, after all. We've proven with our addiction to these shows that we're all sheep anyway. We deserve to be misled!

-- david

BeckEye said...

I'm so glad I didn't become fully addicted to this show. I missed the last couple of episodes, so I had no idea who won. It doesn't surprise me that they picked that little turd. I'm sure they didn't want Dilana because she would've completely outshone all of the so-called "stars" in the band.