Thursday, December 29, 2011

R.I.T.: "Diggin' In"

When I say random, I really mean it. Today's random iTunes track (R.I.T.) is "Diggin' In" by Harold Faltermeyer from the soundtrack to the 1985 film Fletch. Standing on its own, it really says a lot about the use of synthesizer in instrumental film scores. It also shares a lot of sonic similarities with Faltermeyer's biggest hit, "Axel F," from Beverly Hills Cop -- which came out the year before. (Both soundtracks were done while he was playing keys and later doing production on albums for Laura Branigan.) The film Fletch was based on a book series by Gregory McDonald that debuted in 1974 and over the last decade has been in various stages of pre-production for a new film.

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