Sunday, December 04, 2011

R.I.T.: "Falling To Pieces"

What's funny about "random iTunes tracks" is that a lot of songs don't have videos so they get skipped. It's those that do that may have you scratching your head. Today's R.I.T., "Falling To Pieces" by Faith No More off the 1989 Real Thing album is not one of those. It's pretty hard to follow up an epic song like their Grammy nominated #9 U.S. hit... ummm "Epic" as it peaked at #92 in the U.S., #26 in Australia, #41 in the U.K. and #16 in New Zealand. As one of their more popular songs, the band, odd enough, grew to dislike it enough to rarely perform it live (after announcing during a 1993 performance that it was their last time playing it.)

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