Saturday, April 09, 2005

No, That's Not The NFL Draft I Feel

I've decided that one of my next home projects is going to be properly sealing the area around my windows. One of the negative points of having a house that was built in 1983 and customized my the owner as it was being built is I have some weird-ass windows. The one in my bedroom measures 70 1/2 inches wide and 58 inches high and is essentially the old 2 glass windows side by side with one that slides left to open. Most of the windows in my house are this big. Meaning that 2 to 3 average-sized humans could be thrown through it at the same time. Kinda makes you feel vulnerable and is probably why I bought blinds as soon as I could. But, I also notice that they are really drafty (especially with the wind we've been having) and I can hear birds landing and grabbing things in the back yard from my bedroom. My problem with fixing it is three-fold: the standard window insulation might not be enough, the windows may not even open to attempt it and if sealed well might not solve the problem. Thought about getting a specialist in the house to test for air leaks to try to weatherproof the house better also. Oh well, another project on my growing to-do list.


Candace said...

On the bright side... you won't have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning!

Lily said...

My .02, I would say you are most likely better off getting someone to look at it for you.
If they are very drafty then you may also need to consider the potential of water damage from rain over time as well.

Unknown said...

Hey you can always get the expanding foam sealant that they have and just go crazy.

Martin said...

1) The carbon monoxide poisoning was actually pretty close (it's in an earlier post but lets just say that I passed out while watching TV with the fireplace going. Woke up a few times and then noticed the flew wasn't open.)
2) Yeah, I definitely think someone should look at it. Might be interesting to see what happens there but good insight to mention water damage. B)
3) 4 blankets are currently on my bed. Thankfully, Las Vegas never gets too cold.
4) I don't see me messing with expanding foam sealant again too soon. Pretty amazing that I did finally get that off my hands while shedding only a little blood.