Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tastes Of An 80s Nut

I get a lot of questions from people visiting 80's Music Central ranging from "Who did this song?" to "How old was so-and-so when she released her first album?" But usually ones that I can't answer for everyone because of space available are "Who is your favorite 80's band?" and "What's your favorite song?" I've decided to take this moment to talk to you about the New Zealand band the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience. Yes, the name does sound like a bad take on the Jimi Hendrix Experience and should not be confused. This is probably one of the oddest bands that I've ever heard (right up there with Ween and the Butthole Surfers.) I found them at a college record shop due to a very existential cover to The Size Of Food (which used heat sensing photography of people scattered around on the ground.) It took several listens of the album for it to sink in and it forced me to look into more of their work. That's when I discovered a gem of a song called "I Like Rain." An overly catchy hook based around a cheesy keyboard riff sucked me in. I doubt anyone else will every find the same enjoyment out of the song as I do but it has become something more than special to me. After finding what I could from the band, I sent a friend of mine that was visiting the area to record stores in search of anything I didn't have. Expensive as hell but I got everything that I needed and was shocked to hear most stores looked at him strangely when he asked about the band. I could hope that everyone gets a chance to hear some of their music but I wish for something bigger that everyone finds music that means just as much to them as these mean to me.Posted by Hello


Unknown said...

I think this is an awesome post, too. I love being subjected to new music! My friends know this though and I can't seem to keep up! Thanks.

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(Vavoom, you're a dude, right? Step aside and quit showing me up by being the first to reply, please! I'm trying to flirt here!)


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Dammit Jenn! You snuck by me there... :p

Martin said...

Hmmmm... hahaha I didn't know RT was jockeying for position! B) Ack, I'm running late for work. Catch ya all soon.