Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This Pack-Rat Went Shopping

I don't know when it happened but I discovered that I'm not only a pack-rat of memorabilia but I do the same with my pantry. This isn't a picture of it but it's very similar. I have 9 bags of Red Vine licorice, 5 bottles of Heinz garlic flavored ketchup, 10 bottles of Arizona blueberry-flavored Ice Tea, 2 boxes of green tea, 10 bags of pasta, 8 cans of chili, 5 cans of chicken noodle soup, 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup, a massive tupperware container of brown rice, 5 bottles of spaghetti sauce, 6 bags of taco seasoning, 4 bottles of mustard, 5 boxes of brownies (each containing 8), 5 cans of pork and beans, 4 huge cans of refried beans, 8 cans of refried beans, 15 cans of tuna (in water... oil is gross), 7 boxes of macaroni and cheese and... well I'm not going to keep going but you get the idea. I'm not going to starve if I get trapped in my own home. But, I wonder what has happened to me or am I just thinking that it's better to have food in storage than to wonder where my next meal is. I can see an intervention coming and there is no way I'm letting them into my pantry. Posted by Hello


RT said...

Whoa! Your pantry sounds great! Do away with those cans and get the vacuume packed tuna, and you'll be right on!

Anonymous said...

Hook me up with some of those red vines yeah!