Friday, June 09, 2006

Setting A Date For Swift Justice

Whether you've listened to him or seen him before, the picture you see is of R. Kelly. I'd like to think that he is staring at a throng of reporters wanting to know why it has taken over 4 years for him to go to trial for 14 counts of child pornography and having sex with a girl who may have been as young as 13. I doubt that was the case though. I'm sure it was a publicity photo for one of the 5 studio albums that he released (2002's Best Of Both Worlds, 2003's Chocolate Factory, 2003's Happy People/U Saved Me, 2004's Unfinished Business and 2005's TP.3 Reloaded) or 2 compilations (2003's The R. In R&B Collection Vol. 1 and Remix City Vol. 1) since the charges first surfaced in February of 2002. Yet, I'm not disturbed by the money he has made since the charges on album sales or tour ticket sales.

What I do find a bit unsettling is that a trial date has still not been set. I can't remember if I've seen the heavily downloaded video which spawned the original lawsuit but that could be because it is taking prosecutors longer to bring this case to trial than Def Leppard takes to record a studio album. I personally don't know if he is guilty or not but leaving it in the public consciousness for so long creates a stigma (which hasn't hurt his record sales) that may make trying him in court more difficult. But, let's put this another way. Michael Jackson turned himself in, was put on trial and cleared of charges all between R. Kelly's 2002 arrest and now. Oddly enough Kelly worked with Jackson on the yet to be released charity single, "I Have This Dream," for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Although through our rights we are granted a "quick and speedy trial," I am left to wonder how long one should have to wait for redemption or conviction in front of a jury of their peers. Then again, I haven't heard R. Kelly complain.


Unknown said...

We have a case like that here..only worse.

A man is accused of killing his mother-in-law,wife and four kids,almost two years ago now.

No trial date has been

Both sides seem to want it this way,or it would be moving along.I don't get it in either case..

Anonymous said...

It's very disturbing to me. I think in the case of child predators they should be on the top of the list to go to trial so that if they are guilty they can get them off the streets. I don't know if R Kelly is classified as that, but he anyone who looks at child porn is sick.

Teri said...

I totally forgot about this case. I simply don't understand it. hmm maybe they are waiting until the girl turns 18, that way it wouldn't seem so bad to the jury? I really do wonder what possible excuse the court systems could come up with.

Fred said...

Evedently, he's using the money he's making to tie up the judicial system. Another case of money manupulating the system.

LoraLoo said...

If Michael Jackson and all of his glitter-gloved glory couldn't squash the publicity or the trial date, how is R. Kelly able to go this long without his day in court? Every time I hear this guy's name I cringe inside.