Friday, January 07, 2005

1st Las Vegas Winter @ The Hennessy Residence

No, no, it wasn't pretty out at all. As you can see from the photo... it covered every inch of my house. Was interesting to find out that my DirecTV dish doesn't work with snow on it. Had to go out there on a ladder to brush it off to get a signal. I feared that something might not record on the Tivo if I didn't fix it ASAP.

I know the olive trees in the back have to go but I started thinking that maybe letting the birds eat the olives that dropped was a good thing for me, my yard and the circle of life itself. Until I saw that with all the fallen snow around my yard, there were dozens on under my patio cover crapping their digested olives all over my yard furniture. Not cool. So I tried scaring them away every 30 minutes. Then I decided to use a hose and remove any olives from the patio to keep them off of it. My luck improved later that night when the weather got better. A local or stray cat decided to visit my patio and I haven't seen a bird since. The olive trees are not long for this land.Posted by Hello

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