Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Very Tired Marten's Breast Babbling

So, I went out late last night to help out my aunt and uncle (it's hard to call them that knowing they are my age) by doing some repair and maintainence on their home computer. (Yes, on top of my obsession with 80's music, I also try to learn everything I can about personal computers and pro football.) Got there a little before 9pm and the computer needed severe CPR. Norton Anti-Virus 2005 missed about 22 contaminated trojan horse files that were having fun with the machine which was slow to reboot after every change. I put AVG Anti-Virus on, installed Mozilla Firefox, added Spyware Blaster 3.2 and did a major clean-up of spyware, viruses and other hidden goodies with my eyes closing on my at 2:30am. I dashed home and moved as far away from my alarm clock so that I could get maybe 2 hours of sleep before it went off (still had to work). Was amazed that I woke up on time, got to work and didn't pass out. Left work a little early, headed home, layed down for an hour and watched the Chargers lose in overtime. Typed this up and am heading to bed. I can actually say that I'm going to dream about sleeping.

Before I went off on that tangent, I planned to talk about the female anatomy a bit. It was funny to see that I had the topic in mind when I went off to visit a mystery blog and ranted on there for a bit. But, I'm outing myself as a breast fetishist. No, it doesn't mean that I dream areolas and cleavage or have them on my walls. It does mean that I'm not staring at your butt or legs as you walk by... it means "I'm waiting for you to finally turn around." Knowing this, my friend Dion sent me this nice little link that brings me back to gradeschool and a song all of us know and love: Anyhow, I'm happy to out myself and get that off my chest.

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