Saturday, January 29, 2005

Not Cooking With Gas

So, I'm driving home on I-95 and not far from the mall, my repair-proned Izusu starts sputtering. I still have enough fuel in it (just above the empty line and the gas warning light hasn't turned on.) I do what I can to get it off the road and think that maybe I'll get it as close to a gas station and take a look... didn't happen. So I park in front a strange house and look at the car. I'm able to start it but it sputters out. I recall having the list from the dealership mentioning the fuel pump may need to be replaced and it really didn't sound too good (almost like metal scraping) when I was pulling off the freeway. So, I give in and call the dealership and wait an hour and a half for a tow truck to arrive. I was lucky that they got their loaner car back so I wouldn't need to rent a car (even though I have coupons from earlier repair service claiming that they owed me a free day rental.) I brace for the worst the next day only to find out that the fuel sensor isn't working and is part of the pump which will cost $500 to replace. But, to do all that just to replace the dummy light that I became dependent on? Yes, it looks like I paid for towing and inspection of my vehicle because I ran out of gas for the first time in the car. Oh well... looks like I'm going to keep it as full as possible for the next year or so.

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