Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My Favorite Book Series

I knew at some point that I would have to talk about this and there is no better time than the present. I got hooked on Brian Lumley's The Necroscope in about 1990-1991 when a roommate was reading the series. What wasn't there to like for me. Vampires, horror, sci-fi, the paranormal, revenge and all other goodies. For those that haven't read it: It's set in Britain during the Cold War 1980's and about the mysterious Harry Keogh. If you think about all those people out there that can bend spoons, find missing items, forecast the weather, tell your future and contact the dead... what about someone that regularly talks to them? What do they see, know, feel or say? But then, it brings in a very unique vampire mythos that can make you rethink some of the other stories we have heard. I'm not going to spoil the series for you but there are 5 books in the first series, 3 in the next, 2 that fill in the blanks between those and a separate 3 that I shouldn't tell you about because they may spoil the previous books.

I was lucky enough to go to a book signing with my friend Teri where we saw Mr. Lumley. He and his wife are very nice people and they even asked several of us if we wanted to go to the food court and join him for lunch. I felt pretty bad about all the books I had signed (including my prized possession of his first published book) and the attention he was getting that I had his wife sign next to her husband a paperback of the first book. I've yet to hear someone read the first book and not want to check out the others and if anything, I've created a few fans for the series. But I think 13 books is all we will get. If you want a story that doesn't end, you'll have to look into Zanth.Posted by Hello

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Lily said...

This really does sound like a good mix of the type of things I enjoy reading about. I’ve already added it to my reading pile.