Saturday, January 15, 2005

What Lies Beneath

Scientists have long wondered about what kind of fish species thrive in the oceans depths that have yet to be discovered. Some of that was solved when the tsunami occurred. The shifting of the two tectonic plates not only raised and lowered land masses but it also killed a lot of sea life that is now just beginning to float ashore. A Russian blog site has been posting some pictures of what have been found. Do remember that it is in Russian and will take time to load due to heavy page views (and the fact that it is in Russia.) But after seeing some of these marvels, it makes you wonder about what else is out there. What other life forms are hidden here on earth while we search the cosmos? It makes me remember the more recent rediscovery of a coelacanth by some fishermen in 1998 in Indonesia. Hmmm...

Ok, it looks like it was a hoax. But not entirely. The photos were taken earlier than the tsunami but the sea life were really found and exist. Here are the other photos.

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Lily said...

Couldn't see the pictures, it wouldn't allow access at this time. I stumbled upon Snopes earlier and saw some pictures that are being published as if they are from the tsunami but are not. One link included sea creatures not sure if there is a relation to the pics on the other site. Snopes-Tsunami There are definitely some weird looking creatures in the oceans. I always find myself watching those "science of the deep" type shows on cable, they get you all excited to finally see a live giant squid but alas it remains elusive.