Sunday, January 30, 2005

In The Dark With A Strobelight... Not Flashlight

It has been a very weird week, as previously noted. But. I also didn't know that I've pretty much been in the dark when it came to family issues. Found out that Mom was almost hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection (she also has emphysema which isn't a good combo) and she didn't go to work this week. I'm hoping that this thing passes because I do remember the days where she would take 5 minutes to get to the door dragging her oxygen tank behind her. She had been feeling so much better since her last neck surgery. Then my grandfather was hospitalized a few days ago after kidney failure. He's currently on dialysis (that on top of his diabetes, sleep apnea, hearing, heart issues and age) and feels his body is falling apart on him. After hearing about these things, I was jarred awake. I was able to go see grandpa last night at my cousin Sydney's birthday (also got to see Connor and Olivia - my nephew and niece respectively during the party.) Yes, it's scary thinking that you may lose someone but you also dwell on how wrapped up we get in our little worlds and that sometimes we have to remove the blinders for a bit. Should know more about grandpa on Tuesday... if I don't, I will probably try to run down to Boulder City to see them. I'll also try to stop in on mom as soon as possible.

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Lily said...

Sending good thoughts their way and yours.