Sunday, February 06, 2005

Beans Rattling Around In A Can

Lots of things on my mind and in the development process. Finally registered and am debating if I'll start a new site with a blog built in which will also have links to sites and photos of my family and their endeavors. Of course, it all comes down to web design which isn't my forte' (I like to believe it's content development.) On that note, I need to work on better graphics for

Currently on my mind is my grandfather's health. They have discovered the reason for the backwash of toxins he suffered after taking water pills to alleviate the excessive water around his heart. The tubes to one kidney is blocked entirely and the other is blocked 30%. He's also been throwing up continually during the day and suffers bloody noses. He's still in the hospital and we are hoping to hear better news soon.

The only good thing in my head right now is that the Super Bowl is just a little over an hour away and my gametime prediction is the Patriots winning. I just believe they have one of the deepest teams in the NFL, a quarterback that makes few mistakes, a tricky defense and a true team dynamic. Can't wait. Enjoy the game!

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