Friday, February 18, 2005

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News...

I think I may finally be catching up on my sleep a little. I've been burning the candle at both ends recently and I can tell that it's been affecting my projects. Kinda noticed it when I drove back from the hospital yesterday as my eyes were in that scratchy sleepy stage (it was only 6pm.) Grandpa's kidney surgery that day wound up being delayed due to them not finding the blockage they believed to be there. Which is good news but means another course of treatment. His artery there is looking healthy and they'll be trying some new medications to try to restore kidney function. I was just happy to see the show of support for him at the hospital as I don't think he expected as many to show up. My two strongest male role models in my life have been my father and Grandpa Bolton. I'm not ready to see him go this soon and by all that I'm hearing, neither is he. Modern medicine continues to amaze and frustrate me.

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