Sunday, February 13, 2005

This Little Piggy Went To Market

I've never been good at the art of the sale. Trying to get someone to buy something that they don't want is difficult enough for someone that is trained. But for me, I find it even difficult trying to sell myself or my projects. I have and will always be brimming with ideas that I don't have time to devote full attention to. Of course, the one that I've stuck with the longest has to be the 80's Nuts Newsletter. But in the 8 or so years of writing it, I have yet to really promote it. So far word of mouth has done a lot of good but to hit that next step, I'll need to reach out a bit more. Writing the weekly 80's music news has been about educating myself but moreso about getting information out to people that it wouldn't normally reach. Don't know how I'll do it yet but I figure that an appeal to the subscribers to spread the word is a start. I figure that there have to be at least a few thousand people out there that would like to find out about band reunions, new albums and all. But how do you hit those people just right? I think this is why I've never been involved in marketing brainstorm sessions...

Today rediscovered the 6-degrees of separation surrounding me and think that it could be even closer than that. And no, I haven't been in a movie with Kevin Bacon.

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