Tuesday, February 08, 2005

May I Be Of Service?

Ok, I'm just about to go to sleep (working 5am to 1pm tomorrow) and had something stuck in my brain. Knowledge is power but knowing how and when to use that knowledge is dangerous. I think about the fact that at least 98% of everyone out there has a firm grasp of some genre of information. Learning from those people does make you a better person but leaning on them can cause problems. I feel there are a lot of times that I'm the first person someone begs to have come over when a computer problem occurs. It happens to anyone who has been around them since the mid-80's. Yet, there is a point when you know that you can't keep jumping when someone says fire because you have other things you are focused on. Ok, I can't complain about the food that some of them feed me but I do know there will be a point when I say... just buy me a bottle of wine. That way, I leave with something and they can feel like they don't have to offer money or food (even though I'm happy with a few tacos.) But, I know this same situation happens to mechanics, doctors, electricians, stock brokers and probably even barbers. And like many of them, I actually prefer to help my family when they need it because I do know they will get it done right. But otherwise instead of walking lightly and carrying a big stick, I should shuffle my feet and twirl an optical mouse.

Oh, btw... I was right on the Patriots. Good game! I was worried for a little bit.


LoraLoo said...

I know how you feel! I remember trying to fit in consulting and your run-of-the-mill computer fixes when I was trying to work full time, finish college and plan a wedding at the same time. Nothing was going to make the day long enough to do it all, so I finally just stopped, and got the word out I wasn't doing side-work anymore. Have you ever thought about doing it for a living... fixing computers, that is? :)

Martin said...

Kinda wild seeing you post, Lora. Just finished talking about you with Amy. I used to think about going into business repairing computers but fear could be a good thing. I the type of person that hates letting people down. Even when I work on computers now, there are always moments where things don't go perfect. If I were to charge for services that don't work out... I wouldn't be able to deal with it. But, for the last few years, I have thought about setting up a business in teaching people how to maintain and secure their computers. I still need 4 or 5 of me.