Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Time Flies When You're Under The Gun

You know how sometimes you suddenly remember something like a bill or errand you needed to run at the last minute. Well, Tuesday (my only true day off) was like that. On Monday night, I was driving over to pick up dinner and for some reason wondered if I put my registration and proof of insurance in my glove box. I previously took it out for use in the loaner car from my last visit to the dealership. So, I fumbled around and couldn't find it. I checked the house believing that I had put it with my paperwork. It was late so I gave up. I woke up late the next morning and returned to the search. And then it stumbled on me that I might have left it in the loaner car. I hopped in the shower and then thought about the date. I suddenly thought, "My car registration is due every Feb. 1st.... which was today!" I quickly called the dealership who would begin searching for it. The time on the clock was 1pm. I knew that the DMV is always bad early in the week at the beginning of the month. But, to do this, I would need proof of insurance... which I didn't have. So I drove over to the insurance office, got a copy of the paperwork. Drove over to get the car smogged... had to wait behind a few cars. Then drove to the dreaded DMV. I waited. Got to see a couple fighting each other -- first time I've seen drama like that there. My number got called and registration was cheaper than normal. The adrenaline of making a deadline kept me jumpy but I would get to my car and look at my watch... it was only 3pm. That does remind me that I still need to put that sticker on my license plate.

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