Friday, February 04, 2005

This Is How The World Ends... Not With A Bang But A Yawn

As a writer, the one thing that you can't be forgiven for is not learning from what you've written. But it seems that I made my own major mistake by not thinking about an article I wrote last year about the death of "Weird" Al Yankovic's parents.

Last week, I was just finishing typing up the newsletter and had some a little free time. I decided to watch a DVD in the living room. Feeling rather chilly, I lit the fire. I passed out twice while watching the DVD even though I wasn't tired. So I went back to the fireplace and turned the light on... it seems that I had moved the flue handle the wrong way. So here my house is full of carbon monoxide and yes... the sleepiness I felt could have been my own mortal end. I quickly aired out the room and yes, turned off the fireplace. And then I thought to myself... "This is how "Weird" Al's parents went." I have turned the fireplace on since but I've very careful when I do.


Lily said...

That is scary. At least you had enough sense to check the flue. I recall reading about Weird Al's parents and thought how sad that was. I am a total dork and love Weird Al, he's very entertaining in concert.

Curious, what qualifies as chilly in Las Vegas?

Martin said...

Anything less than 68 degrees hahaha. We are way too spoiled by good weather that anything lower is when we start bitching about the cold. Then again, you have to consider that our bodies get used to the months in the 100 degree plus zone. At least our worst weather is still pretty predictable. B)

Lily said...

When the temperature recently went from hovering around the single digits to the low 30's everyone here was commenting on how nice and warm it was outside.