Thursday, May 19, 2005

Coming To Terms

It was 1993 when I started working at the big green building in Las Vegas. The use of the Internet was limited to the early adopters and would turn the corner shortly with the release of Windows 95. Since one of our bosses at work was working on a new system for scheduling shifts on his computer, he would ask me a lot of questions. It seems that I should have pushed friendlier verbiage more. Currently, when someone fills up a cart with baggage and unloads those bags into storage bins it has commonly been called "downloading." For anyone without a computer, it can be accepted easily.

There are actually two definitions for "downloading": 1) to unload or 2) to transfer from a server or host computer to one's own computer.

What this means is that to give baggage from your cart to a bin would be downloading but at the same time receiving them from a bin could fit. Hence the reason why, several people that I work with (who are very very very late adopters of computer science) have trouble understanding that you can give something and not be uploading or downloading something without taking it. It amazes me to think that terminology can stifle and stymie one's education.

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Unknown said... it the terminology or the action itself that is affecting these late bloomers?