Sunday, May 29, 2005

Life In The Fastlane

I had quite an unusual thought strike me today. There was a lot of press covering the 89th Indianapolis 500. Race enthusiasts might not have noticed but there was a whirlwind of buzz going on about 23 year-old rookie driver Danika Patrick. Some could say it is the controversy of some people not wanting to compete with a 100 pound driver. But most would say that journalists were circling the driver because she adds beauty to a sport that gets less attention than NASCAR. I was eating lunch and watching the race with a crowd of people. People would pop in every so often to ask how "she" was doing. You could hear mutterings of "Go Danika." Most of them were only watching her (which wasn't hard to believe after she led on 19 laps.) Yes, she finished in 4th but today something amazing happened. This sport has found its postergirl... maybe even their own Tiger Woods. Posted by Hello


LoraLoo said...

I'm not much of an Indy fan...but I was rooting for her too! She's pretty, young, and can keep up with any one of those men. I think you make a good point, Martin; she brings attention. I also think she's embracing it by all the blurbs they had throughout the day, and why not! More power to her!

Martin said...

Oddly enough, CNN has just called her the next Tiger Woods of the sports world after ratings were up 40% after last year.