Sunday, May 15, 2005

Congrats, Tracy!

Went to my friend Tracy's graduation party yesterday. (Yes, I've been going to a lot of parties recently.) It astounds me to see how she has grown up. I remember when she lived with me back in 1996 or 1997-ish and her self esteem was nil but she was a hard worker. She wanted better things for herself and didn't know how to go about them. Her relationships weren't generally good for her as she depended on those to prove her existence. It was with her marriage to Jason that I could see something different in how she valued herself. She would work while he finished schooling and then started school herself culminating in her new degree. She also has a beautiful baby daughter named Sonja (of course, I forget the camera this time.) I can't tell you how proud I am of her but to me she is already one of the best success stories I've ever witnessed. I've got to find more time to spend with their family.

Meaningless definition for the day:

"Potsie" scheme: Any get rich quick method promoted with an infomercial starring Anson Williams.


Martin said...

Thank you. But I'm not too sure... I still believe in the Pros and Cons list when you hit a crisis moment. hahaha For some reason, I remember him doing an infomercial and that just hit me as I couldn't get the idea of a Potsie scheme out of my head last night.

RT said...

Oooo man. I had such a crush on Potsie... Is he still as cute? :o)