Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Death Of VCRs Bring More Cost To Consumers

It took both DVD players and the Tivo to bring down the VCR. Sure, we don't buy VHS tapes often anymore because DVDs have bonus material. Sure they fall apart over time but... they are for the most part childproof.

We are in an age where entertainment is king. It is pushed on our children at an early age with cartoons and even what Halloween costumes they wear. As they get older, children will want to be entertained on their schedule. Video games, music and movies will always be there as diversions for them. Media companies have gotten wise to this and have created great products that hold a lot of information but can be ruined quite easily. Everything is going on disc (CD and DVD) and I remember a friend of mine telling me when the CD originally came out that you could skip it across the sidewalk and it would still play (he has probably been committed by now.) With children wishing to play these items, they get scratched very easily (put one in really loosely in the DVD case and give it a good shake.) I like used CDs and DVDs but will not take one with a scratch on it because I know it's not far from being a coaster.

Now there is the announcement that VCRs are being phased out of stores by 2006. I personally like them for saving crap from my Tivo but aren't parents a little more likely to trust their child with a VHS than a DVD? I even had a former girlfriend change out her daughter's PlayStation for a Nintendo 64 (at $30+ a game, she had over $500 in coasters and was complaining that they wouldn't play.) So I believe there is a conspiracy afoot to make us change to a format of media we can't and aren't supposed to make backups of according to the DMCA. It is also good to know that by purchasing the rights to view this item that you they don't like you making a copy of it for yourself in case it gets scratched forcing you to repurchase the product. And no, after so long they will not let you take it back even if you claim it is a factory defect. I'd like to see some people come together and push childproof media instead of finding ways to pick our pockets.Posted by Hello


LoraLoo said...

I hadn't considered any of this... you make very good points. I am also realizing that Karl and I are going to be hemorraging cash as Madison gets older. If someone could come up with childproof media, they'd be rich!

LoraLoo said...

Ooops, that's hemorrhaging* cash.

RT said...

I don't know, I'm pretty happy with my DVDs... Then again, I don't have kids :o)

I really like the fact that the DVDs only take up a fraction of the space my VHS tapes used to (I keep them on spindles.) But I still won't give up my VCR, I also like taping some programs before burning them to DVD.

BTW, they make DVD covers now, but I don't know if they work or not. Have you tried them yet?

Anonymous said...

I thing I bought one of the last VCRs on the shelves last year for $30. I bought it strictly to record to cassette the movies my boys like to watch which I have on DVD. I really shouldn't worry so much about it. They're old enough not to tear them up. After all, they have a GameCube and it's all CDs and they haven't managed to tear any of those up yet. But damnit, those DVDs are

Lily said...

Technology is ever changing. In 15 years the DVD will go the way of the VHS tape, audio tape, the 8-track and vinyl albums. There is alreay talk of "blue light" DVD's and what they will do.
I would like to see some sort of childproofing when it comes to disks. I am always telling my kids to put their music and games away properly.