Sunday, June 26, 2005

Safety In Numbers

I work with a lot of people that know very little about their computers. Many of them have trouble adding names to a contact list. But, there are some things new computer users are never told. One that stand by is having more than 1 email account. I currently have about 8. The reasons to have more than 1 is pretty simple.

  • When asked for an email address when signing up for contests or purchasing something online you never really know where that address is going to go. Giving a blanket address for such things can cut spam from an email account that has important information... and cut down on possible viruses.
  • If you are unsure about your ISP (Internet service provider) and may move at some point but don't want to keep telling people that you have a new email address.
  • When you wish to separate business, personal and recreational email.

I could probably keep listing other reasons but I'd like to know, how many email accounts do you have?
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LoraLoo said...

I have 6 - all separated much like your own. I do a lot of online shopping, one account is strictly for confirmation e-mails and the junk that ensues long after the order has arrived. Two are work related, two home accounts, and the last for internet sign-ups (technology newsletters, parenting websites, etc.)

RT said...

I have quite a few e-mail accounts myself, but I usually just go for the original nicknames that I like (pollymotto, angrypacifist, brainiax... rainbow2*** -before I found out that "rainbow" got ya all kinds of... well, never mind...- just to name a few) I just send all my business mail to the ones I don't like so much anymore.

Whoa. I have more personalities than Sybil! Maybe I do need some meds?

Teri said...

I use 1 main account, but I have a few others. I just don't check them too often.

Unknown said...

Work, which is just for work and co-workers junk mail.

My personal, which I call personal because I do not get spam there and refuse to! I only give out for personal business, and to those I trust to use it wisely and not FOR DAMN CHAIN EMAILS!

And, a spam account. Used for, well when I sign-up for bull shit. Or for people I can't be mean and say no to.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually more compartmentalized than I thought. I have one for family and close close friends (not online), one for my business, one for online friends, and one for those things which may at some point be embarrassing to

FantasticAlice said...

Always so informative. Since I just have an office account I and no home computer I never really thought about having multiple addys. But, after reading that post I will certainly rectify the situation.


Fiona said...

Last count, I have 4 email accounts.
1 for home, 1 for jokes and "rubbish" emails, 1 for messenger and 1 for sign up / confirmation emails.

That way, my main email address (my home one) stays rubbish free and I can let hotmail delete all the junk that I don't want after a day.

Too easy!

Unknown said...

At one point I was up to 22, but have cut it down to a more manageble 6.