Friday, June 17, 2005

I Am Going To Pretend You Didn't Ask Me That

Ever feel like an email isn't being read properly? Received a message from Wang Chung's management company 2 days before their appearance on Hit Me Baby One More Time (which aired last night.) They wanted to tell me that they are in the studio finishing their new album and when they will be on the show. I replied telling them that our weekly newsletter had already gone to press and I wish I had more notice to pass the information on via that, the radio segment and the website before the episode aired but would make sure to mention the new album and other recording information. I then received a reply mentioning their studio work and a thank you. I then received another reply asking me if I could send out a special newsletter about the episode of the show (this is now 1 day before) and asking how many subscribers we have. I have decided not to respond to that. I purposely only send out 1 newsletter a week to let people know it is safe and that they will not be spammed. Not even with the death of a celebrity do I send a second one out, let alone for an episode of a T.V. show. Just ticks me off how I can say that I am are upset that I can't do something for someone and shortly after they can ask me again to do it.

P.S. - They did do well on the episode though.

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RT said...

Don't let it bug ya, there's no harm in asking... Besides, they're probably used to getting their way, and figured you would comply if they asked again.